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Bus and communication systems Parameterizing devices / Tools

Belimo MP-Bus
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MFT parameterizing tools
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VRP-M Tool
Service-Tool ZTH EU
Belimo Assistant App
for Belimo actuators with built in NFC interface


MF/MP/MFT(2) damper actuators, MF/MP/MFT(2) valve actuators, LonWorks damper actuators, LonWorks valve actuators, VAV-Compact and VRP-M controllers are equipped with so-called MFT technology and are parameterised at the factory with basic values for common applications. For service-related adjustments on the system, the actuators can be reparameterised with an MFT parameterisation tool.

Service-related diagnostics with the MFT parameterisation tools

The functions of the MF/MP/MFT(2) actuators can be checked at any time using the MFT parameterisation tools. The MFT parameter setting tool allows you to read parameterised values or control the actuator for functional testing.

Belimo PC-Tool MFT-P Version 3
Application: The PC-Tool MFT-P has a universal structure and contains various modules. The functions of each module are adapted to parameterising actuators equipped with so-called MFT technology (MF, MP, MOD, LON, KNX types) from the various product ranges.
Download Section


  Belimo PC-Tool V3.16
User manual (5 mb)

MP-Bus capability: The PC-Tool MFT-P is now optimised for use in an MP-Bus network. The PC-Tool displays all the MP actuators integrated in the MP-Bus network via a so-called bus scan. If necessary, an individual MP actuator can be selected - and parameterised.

MP-Bus diagnostics: Service-related diagnostics of the MPs connected to the MP-Bus can be performed very easily with the PC-Tool. The PC-Tool can specify a setpoint for the direct coupled actuators via MP-Bus and the actual position can then be monitored. Furthermore, the values of the sensors connected to the MP actuators can be read out - and displayed - by the PC-Tool.

Graphic depiction: Assigned setpoints, the current actual positions of the actuators, and the sensor values that have been read out are depicted graphically in the PC-Tool by means of trend recording.

System requirements
Windows 10
Pentium 166 MHz

Belimo VRP-M-Tool Version 2
Application: The VRP-M Tool is used for commissioning, setting and monitoring air volume and pressure applications based on the VAV-Universal VRP-M V3 system solution. The VRP-M Tool can be used as a standalone program or integrated as a module in PC-Tool Version V3.2 or higher.

MP-Bus capability: The integration of the VRP-M module into PC-Tool V3.2 makes the PC-Tool's MP-Bus network functionality available for selecting and parameterising MP devices.

MP-Bus diagnostics: Service-related diagnostics of the connected VRP-M system solutions can be performed very easily with the VRP-M Tool. The VRP-M Tool can specify a setpoint for the VRP-M and the resulting system response can then be checked.

Download Section

Belimo VRP-M Tool

  VRP-M Tool
User Manual
(933 kb)

Service tool ZTH EU
Diagnostics, function testing and adjustment of HVAC final controlling elements becomes considerably simpler with the ZTH EU service tool. Directly connected to a parameterisable or communicative actuator from Belimo, the current values can be read on-site and immediately readjusted.
Adapt desired parameters on site
The actuators are programmed at the factory with the basic values for the most common applications. Parameters such as running time, angle of rotation and stroke limitations, mode settings (0...10 V / 2...10 V) and the address can be adapted with the service tool.

Integral MP level converter (ZIP)
When connected to the USB port of the notebook, the device works as an MP level converter (ZIP function) and enables on-the-fly switching to the Belimo PC-Tool MFT-P.

Download Section

ZTH EU Firmware Upgrade

USB Driver for ZTH EU

  Instructions for ZTH EU Upgrade (598 kb)

Product information (2 mb)
Service-Tool ZTH-GEN (Replaced by ZTH EU Service-Tool)
The Service-Tool ZTH-GEN considerably simplifies diagnostics, function testing and setting of all HVAC controlling elements. By connecting it directly to a parameterisable or communicating Belimo actuator, important actual values can be read off on site and adjusted without delay.
On-site adaptation of parameters
The actuators are programmed on site with the basic values for the most common applications. Typical parameters such as running time, angle-of-rotation and stroke limitations, mode settings (0...10 V / 2...10 V) and the MP address can be adapted with the Service-Tool ZTH-GEN.

Simple diagnostics and testing
The Service-Tool ZTH-GEN can be used simply to monitor the actuators or for direct control in order to simulate defined system scenarios.

Supported device types
The ZTH-GEN can be used with parameterisable and communicating actuators for air dampers, valves, VAV controllers and fire dampers. Please see the ZTH-GEN product information for a list of the types supported.

Use with the VAV range
The ZTH-GEN service tool allows efficient commissioning and simple testing of VAV and CAV systems equipped with Belimo VAV units (up to 1992). For VAV units with a PP/MP interface; see ZTH-GEN product information for overview of types.

Phase-out of the ZTH-VAV adjustment tool
The ZTH-VAV was by the ZTH-GEN V4.x in August 2011. Existing ZTH devices (ZTH-VAV and ZTH-GEN V2.x…3.x) can be upgraded to ZTH-GEN V4.x with a firmware upgrade. Instructions for ZTH-GEN-Updater

Download Section

ZTH-GEN Firmware Upgrade

  Instructions for ZTH-GEN-Updater (326 kb)

Product information (499 kb)

  ZTH-... as MP-Bus Tester
Instruction for use (456 kb)
Belimo Assistant App for onsite operation of devices with built-in NFC interface
Complete transparency at all times regarding your HVAC actuator solution and the operation of your system thanks to simple operation using your own Smartphone and the Belimo Assistant App. Wireless via NFC or with the Bluetooth / NFC converter ZIP-BT-NFC.
Supported configurations
- NFC interface with Smartphone
- ZIP-BT-NFC (Bluetooth-NFC converter)
- Belimo device with NFC interface, VAV-Compact MP (starting with year of manufacture 2015), PR actuators, 6-way EPIV valve)

Download Sektion

Android Smartphone App

iOS - iPhone App

  FAQ: Belimo NFC (278 kb)

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