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BFG Fire damper actuators 11 Nm / 180°  For medium and large
fire and smoke dampers
 180° angle of rotation

The product may differ from the illustration

Fire damper actuator 180°
11 Nm/8.5 Nm, <120 s/20 s (Motor/Fail-safe)
AC 230 V, Open/close, Cable 1 m
Form fit 10x10 mm, non-continuous hollow shaft
Auxiliary switch 2 x SPDT (25° / 145° (5° / 80° relating to damper angle of rotation))
Manual override with position stop
IP54, Direction of motion selectable by mounting L/R
Incl. Hand crank, Pointer, Protective bag

Only available through manufacturers
of fire protection dampers
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Documentation for BFG230
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Technical data, wiring diagram, dimensions (PDF - 243 kb)
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Fire damper actuators – Technology that saves lives (PDF - 7,910 kb)
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CE Declaration of Conformity (PDF - 22 kb)
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Accessories for BFG230
Thermoelectric tripping device
AC/DC 24 V, Cable 1 m
Duct inside temperature 72°C (color black)
Duct outside temperature 72°C
Probe length 65 mm
Thermoelectric tripping device
AC/DC 24 V, Cable with connector plug 1 m
Duct inside temperature 72°C (color black)
Duct outside temperature 72°C
Probe length 65 mm
Hand crank 40 mm
for BLF, BF, BLE, BE
Hand crank 40 mm
for BLF, BF, BLE, BE
Multipack 100 pcs.
Hand crank 70 mm
for BLF, BF, BLE, BE
Hand crank 70 mm
for BLF, BF, BLE, BE
Multipack 100 pcs.
Protective bag with wire
Dimensions LxW approx. 350x250 mm
Multipack 100 pcs.
Recommendation for application

Regular operational checks (open-close control of the fire damper) enhance the safety of people, animals, property and the environment. Unless other requirements are stipulated – e. g. in the damper manufacturer's operating instructions – Belimo recommends the performance of monthly operational checks. Fire damper actuators from Belimo are designed in accordance with service life specifications contained in the technical datasheet for regular operational checks. Notes for regular operational checks can be found in the European Product Standard for Fire Dampers (EN 15650) under "Maintenance information".

In the case of motorised fire dampers, remote operational checks are also possible, thus lowering operating costs.
New range of fire damper actuators BFL and BFN
Fire protection scenarios
Advantages of motorised fire dampers
Safety Notes

The device must not be used outside the specified field of application, especially not in aircraft or in any other airborne means of transport.
The actuator is adapted to and installed on the smoke control damper by the damper manufacturer. For this reason, the actuator is only supplied direct to safety damper manufacturers. The manufacturer then bears full responsibility for the proper functioning of the damper.
The two switches integrated in the actuator are to be operated either on power supply voltage or at safety extra-low voltage. The combination power supply voltage/ safety extra-low voltage is not permitted.
Cables must not be removed from the device
The device may only be opened at the manufacturer’s site. It does not contain any parts that can be replaced or repaired by the user.
The device contains electrical and electronic components and must not be disposed of as household refuse. All locally valid regulations and requirements must be observed.

Legal disclaimer

All information applies to common Standard-Applications. Country specific regulations may require different solutions. Deviations in specific markets might be possible. The information regarding the Standard-Applications is therefore not to be seen as a warranty.
For detailed information concerning valid standards or regulations please contact the local Belimo agency.

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