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Product News

The new spring-return actuators EF. The most powerful of its kind.

The new spring-return actuators EF. Robust, stable, versatile.
As an absolute novelty, Belimo now also offers spring-return actuators with a torque of 30 Nm. This makes the new EF the most powerful model in the product range of general spring-return actuators and rounds out the array upwards in all of its characteristics. Robust components of proven quality, embedded in pressure-cast aluminium shells, stand for strength, protection and reliability. Predestined for utilisation on large air dampers, the EF is thorough in the performance of its task, even under difficult conditions, thanks to such options as higher degrees of protection and integrated heating.
  Flyer: The new spring-return actuator EF. The most powerful of its kind. (509 kb)

The new SuperCap actuators. Enhanced safety with «Controlled Power Off».

Designed for the toughest tasks
The new SuperCap actuators from Belimo are now also available as rotary, linear and fast running actu­ators. Belimo’s pioneering Super­Cap management concept not only provides reliable controlled supply and discharge but also bridges short voltage interruptions and moves the dampers into an individually definable power-off position when required. The various patents pend­ing for this forward-looking drive technology underline both the potential of the technology and Belimo’s expertise in this field.

Leading the way
Environmental and climate conditions can cause voltage interruptions as a result of frost damage, draughts or contamination in the air duct. This creates inconvenience, hampers work processes in sensitive areas and results in expensive downtimes. The new actuators with the «Controlled Power Off» function have durable, maintenance-free SuperCaps, which supply the devices with sufficient power to bridge voltage interruptions for up to 10 seconds and move the dampers accurately into the predefined power-off position. Power consumption is also significantly reduced in standby and holdover mode by a new energy-saving holdover function.
  Flyer: The new SuperCap actuators. Enhanced safety with «Controlled Power Off». (3.3 mb)

The new-generation NF..A (10 Nm) and SF..A (20 Nm) spring return actuators - Safety that gives you peace of mind!

Safe, powerful, versatile
The new-generation spring return actuators are based on the functionality and design of the legendary AF actuators that have been proven millions of times over. They are powerfully motorised and now protect your units better than ever before.

Versatile and flexible
With the extended range of spring return actuators, Belimo offers the perfect motorisation solution for all dampers with a safety function. The option of using the actuators as a terminal connection version offers increased flexibility. Up to 4 switching points can be implemented using an additional switch. In addition to air dampers, the new 10 Nm / 20 Nm spring return actuators can also be used for valve applications such as characterised control valves or butterfly valves.

Reliable unit protection
With a powerful turning and holding torque of 10 Nm / 20 Nm, the new NF..A / SF..A actuators guarantee complete reliability - both in standard operation and in an emergency. Two ultrasonically welded housing shells reinforced with steel plates and hollow pillars guarantee seal integrity and stability. The integral mechanical angle of rotation limiting stops the actuator between 35% and 100% depending on your requirements. The new interlocking switch enables the actuator to be blocked with ease in the position you want during commissioning and maintenance. The constant spring pressure - due to the factory-set initial spring tension of 5° - generates the necessary damper sealing. Together with form-fit inserts, a revised clamp principle ensures the movement of the spindle is at its safest.
The new-generation spring return actuators are based on the functionality and design of the legendary AF actuators that have been proven millions of times over. They are powerfully motorised and now protect your units better than ever before. The mechanical spring return helps to automatically move the dampers or valves linked to the actuator into the defined emergency control position in the event of a voltage interruption.
  Flyer: The new-generation NF..A (10 Nm) and SF..A (20 Nm) spring return actuators -
Safety that gives you peace of mind! (3.3 mb)
  AF / SF..A: Differences and features (218 kb)

EPIV - the new characterised control valve. With electronic flow rate setting.

Precise and energy-efficient
The electronically controlled EPIV is a result of the consistent further development of Belimo’s unique pressure independent characterised control valve, the PICCV. As an addition to the existing product range, it is used for nominal sizes from DN 65 to DN 150. Because it combines three functions - control, balancing and shut-off - in one valve, valve sizing and selection are considerably simplified (DN valve = DN pipe) and hydraulic balancing is made much easier with EPIV. The worldwide proven characterising disc ensures an equal-percentage characteristic curve and therefore excellent control properties. Thanks to its absolutely tight closure, the EPIV effectively prevents energy losses in the water circuits.

Simple and reliable
Belimo’s new EPIV valve is based on more than 30 years of experience in the control of variable air flows (VAV): this know-how guarantees maximum precision, a long service life and maintenance-free operation for water solutions. The volumetric flow settings can be customised on site using a laptop or the ZTH-GEN adjustment tool. The flow rate is permanently monitored by a sensor that signals the integrated control system which, in turn, ensures that the flow rate is immediately adjusted and precisely maintained in the event of changes in pressure. The flow rate can be displayed at any time in m3/h or as an electronic signal.
  Flyer: EPIV - the new characterised control valve. With electronic flow rate setting. (172 kb)

ZTH-GEN adjustment tool ... On-site parameterising and testing.

On-site adaptation of parameters
Belimo offers a broad selection of parameterisable actuators for air dampers, valves, VAV controllers and fire dampers. These MF, MP, MFT and MFT2 types are programmed at the factory with basic values for the most common applications. Typical parameters such as running time, angle-ofrotation and stroke limitation or mode settings (0...10 V / 2...10 V) can be adapted to each particular application with the ZTH-GEN plug-and-play adjustment tool. Mechanical and electrical contractors or service personnel are saved considerable time whenever a system needs to be commissioned or parts replaced.

Simple diagnostics and testing
The ZTH-GEN adjustment tool can be used simply to monitor the actuators or for direct control in order to simulate defined system scenarios. The unit integrates a whole series of powerful diagnostic functionalities: function test, position preset, test setpoint / actual value, test damper position and actual volumetric flow. The wide range of potential applications eases system maintenance and makes a valuable contribution to achieving maximum operational reliability.

  Flyer: ZTH-GEN adjustment tool... On-site parameterising and testing. (438 kb)

UK24MOD gateway … how to fit MP to an RTU modbus

With the UK24MOD gateway, up to 8 MP-Bus-capable Belimo actuators can be integrated on an RTU (RS-485) modbus. The UK24MOD allows the actuators to be digitally controlled via the MP-Bus and send back their current operating status. The information on the controls and feedback is managed in UK24MOD and processed with modbus commands.

Sensor linking
One sensor can be connected per MP/MFT(2) actuator. This can be a passive resistance sensor (PT1000, NI1000 or NTC), an active sensor (output DC 0...10V), or a switching contact. This provides a straightforward way of digitising the analogue signal of the sensors with the Belimo actuator and transferring it via UK24MOD to the modbus.

Very simple commissioning
The modbus is parameterised with DIP switches (address, baud rate, bus termination, polarisation). The response delay can be optionally adjusted via a register entry.
The MP-Bus assignment is automatically established and continuously updated.

Shut-off valves A6..H/S, A6..HL/SL - The cost effective alternative

Easy to fit, maintenance-free and energy-saving
The new Belimo shut-off valves A6..H/S (Wafer type) and A6..HL/SL (Lug type) are ideal for all open-close and shut-off tasks in closed heating and cooling circuits. Thanks to the stainless discs, they can also be used in open water circuits without any problems. The tight-closing shut-off valve additionally helps prevent energy losses.

Superior quality combined with unbeatable value for money
The shut-off valves are designed to resist extreme medium temperatures from -20ºC to +120ºC (or peaks of +130°C/1 h) without any problems. They feature a robust epoxy coating and a stainless steel disc. Since pressure classes PN6/10/16 are integrated in the flange dimensions, your stock levels can be reduced. The high quality material and production assures our A6.. shut-off valves a long service life – they carry out their job reliably and with no maintenance for many years.

The complete product range – order direct today
Our comprehensive range comprises nominal widths from DN 25 to DN 350 with optimised zeta/kv values (larger DNs on request). Order your new, maintenance- free A6.. shut-off valves direct from Belimo by phone or e-mail today.
  Flyer: Shut-off valves A6..H/S, A6..HL/SL - The cost effective alternative (PDF - 1.8 mb)
  Flyer: Shut-off valves A6..H/S, A6..HL/SL - The cost effective alternative (Short Version) (PDF - 1.8 mb)
D6..N/D6..NL butterfly valves - Order, install, forget

Easy to fit, maintenance-free and energy-saving
The new Belimo butterfly valves in the D6..N (wafer type) and D6..NL (lug type) ranges are ideal for all standard open-close applications in heating and cooling circuits. Once fitted, you can just leave the robust, durable and maintenance-free shut-off valve to get on with things and simply forget about it.

High-quality product offering amazing value for money
The butterfly valves can easily withstand extreme medium temperatures of between –20°C and +120°C (130°C /1h for brief periods) and feature a resistant epoxy coating and stainless valve disc. The tight-sealing shut-off valve also helps prevent energy losses. Since pressure classes PN 6/10/16 are integrated in the flange dimensions, stock keeping is reduced. The high level of material and production quality lends the D6..N/D6..NL butterfly valves a long service life – they will function reliably for many years without the need for any maintenance.

  Flyer: D6..N/D6..NL butterfly valves - Order, install, forget (PDF - 556 kb)
D6..N/D6..NL butterfly valves - Economical and efficient control

Integrated solutions for medium or high volumetric flows
Belimo butterfly valves are available as classic D6..N wafer types or D6..NL lug types. When motorised with modulating actuators, they offer integrated and remarkably costefficient solutions for controlling medium-to-high volumetric flows. Their exceptionally low pressure losses assure optimum energy efficiency, while the premium product quality and intelligent actuator concepts guarantee longterm protection for investments.

Broad spectrum of applications
The D6..N/D6..NL range of butterfly valves comprises nominal widths from DN 25 to DN 350. In the opening range between 0 and 54º, they achieve an almost equal-percentage characteristic curve. Owing to the minimal pressure losses, significant energy savings are possible in applications like 2-way injection circuits, open cooling towers or hot and cold water distribution systems. These butterfly valves and actuators have demonstrated their unrivalled operational reliability in tests under extreme conditions. In practice, this means lower costs both for the purchase of Belimo's low-priced valve/actuator combinations and for their operation.

New actuator range
A new range of modulating actuators with torques from 18 to 500 Nm (up to 3500 Nm for retrofit business) is now available for motorising our D6..N/D6..NL butterfly valves. Their fast running times improve the quality of control. Special MF types allow each actuator to be optimised on site for its respective application. Alternatively, our MP types permit up to eight actuators to be grouped together in an MP-Bus® line and integrated in any popular fieldbus system. The wiring costs for bus integration are reduced by up to 90 percent as a result.
  Flyer: D6..N/D6..NL butterfly valves - Economical and efficient control (PDF - 586 kb)

6-way valve with room temperature controller - Balanced climate control

Cost and energy economies
The new R3015-.. 6-way characterised control valve is specially designed for use in chilled and heated ceilings. The only one of its kind in the world, this incredibly compact valve unites the functionality of up to four straightthrough valves. Space, material and installation time are saved and the risk of wiring errors minimised. The new 6-way characterised control valve is equally convincing in operation: the two heating and cooling circuits are hydraulically decoupled thanks to the innovative ball design. They can nevertheless be controlled individually and precisely by means of a rotary movement. And because the valve is always air bubble-tight in the closed position, it also prevents energy losses and helps reduce operating costs.

Immaculate room climate
The new CRK24-B1 room temperature controller interacts optimally with the 6-way characterised control valve. With its integral pre-comfort and energy hold-off functions, it controls the chilled and heated ceiling according to demand. A dew point sensor can also be connected if required. The EHO function monitors the maximum (40°C) and minimum (15°C) room temperature limits, preventing serious damage to the building and the installations. Manual intervention or quick tests on the connected actuators are possible using the controls on the front. The aesthetic, functional design and simple, intuitive handling round off the harmonious overall picture.

  Flyer: 6-way valve with room temperature controller - Balanced climate control (PDF - 371 kb)

Certificates awarded to MP partners

Several European companies were recently certified as "Belimo approved MP partners" for their MP-Bus® compatible development of components and systems. The award was presented to a total of eight MP partners in November 2008.

The following suppliers are now approved MP partners: AL-KO Therm GmbH (Germany), A-M-Systeme GmbH (Germany), BECKHOFF Automation GmbH (Germany), Carel Industries S.r.l. (Italy), ela-compil sp. z o.o. (Poland), SAIA-Burgess Controls AG (Switzerland), WAGO Kontakttechnik (Germany), Walter Müller AG für industrielle Elektronik (Switzerland) and Xecom Ltd (UK).

The "Belimo approved MP partner" certificate is awarded by Belimo to companies who have successfully implemented the MP-Bus interface in their devices in accordance with Belimo guidelines and passed the so-called MP conformity test. This test, which is carried out by an independent European testing institute, guarantees the application quality of the MP system and assures problem-free commissioning and operation. Tested devices are authorised to bear the "MP-Bus® Compatible" logo.

The Belimo MP-Bus® was specially developed as a master-slave system for HVAC actuators and sensors. It allows up to eight different controlling elements to be grouped together and integrated in any popular fieldbus system. Wiring expenses are reduced by as much as 90%. One active or passive sensor or one switching contact can be additionally integrated per MP actuator - the simplest way to enhance conventional sensors with communications capability.

Belimo provides the MP specification to all interested manufacturers of controllers or gateways, to enable them to implement an MP interface in the hardware and software.

  MP Cooperation Partner (PDF - 131 kb)

More info: 

CRA24-B3 room controller: Better room climate in airtight buildings

Save energy, protect the building substance and simultaneously increase the level of comfort in dwelling rooms - with Belimo's new CRA24-B3 room temperature controller, you can finally realise this ambitious goal. The pressure conditions - and hence the air quality - in energy efficient buildings with controlled, forced ventilation can vary considerably. The new CRA24-B3 room temperature controller is designed with special kitchen and bathroom inputs to overcome this problem. When you switch on the steam vent or the chimney exhaust, these inputs make sure any pressure differences are compensated by the ventilation. And thanks to the controlled bathroom override function, unpleasant odours and above all damp are reliably extracted, so that mould and fungi are effectively eliminated. If you are planning to be absent for a long period, you can switch off the system automatically by means of the energy hold-off function. This function causes the room to be ventilated for half an hour three times a day. As a result, energy consumption is reduced, air hygiene improved and the building substance protected. The CRA24-B3 can be used as a stand-alone solution or - definitely the most energy efficient alternative - combined with Belimo VAV controllers and the Fan Optimiser for demand based fan control.

  Flyer CRA24-B3(P) - Controller for apartments (PDF - 1 mb)

PC tool MFT-P V3.4 with fire protection module: for hot jobs

The PC tool MFT-P is the tried and tested setting and parameterisation software for MF/MP/LonWorks actuators and VAV-Compact. The latest release V3.4 also includes a fire protection module for operating BF-TopLine actuators. BF-Top-Line is the intelligent motorisation solution for fire dampers. Using the fire protection module, parameterisation and diagnostics on fire dampers can be carried out locally, as in the past, and as a new feature from the switch cabinet too.

If you already have the previous version V3.x of PC-Tool MFT-P installed on your PC, you can download and update the update V3.4 free of charge.

Download PC tool for updating from V3.x to V3.4

CM actuators with supercap module: For extreme conditions

Integrated energy storage
Low outside temperatures, strong winds and inclement weather represent a daunting challenge for any air conditioning system. The situation becomes especially critical in case of a power failure. The new supercap module for CM compact actuators therefore has an integrated energy storage function. This function is instantly activated if the mains supply is interrupted, generating sufficient power to run two CM actuators to the closing point. The supply air dampers are closed, so that no unpleasant draughts are felt inside the room and no damage is caused to the equipment‘s heating and cooling elements.
  Flyer: CM actuators with supercap module. For extreme conditions. (PDF - 377 kb)

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