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Single room control solutions for heated / chilled ceiling systems (6-way characterised control valve)

CRK24-B1 Room temperature controller with operator panel
Power supply  
AC 24 V / 50/60 Hz   
Room temperature controller in comfort zone   
Internal temperature sensor (Type NTC, sensing range 10 … 45°C)   
Setpoint (adjustment range 15 … 36°C)   
Mode selection switch: AUTO – ECO – MAX   
Mode indication LEDs: AUTO – ECO – MAX   
Setpoint adjustment: Rotary knob ±3 K   
5 inputs  
Dew point limiting   
Energy hold-off (EHO)   
External temperature sensor (Type NTC 5 kΩ, sensing range 10 … 45°C)   
External setpoint shift 0…10 V   
1 output  
2 … 10 V system output: Belimo 6-way characterised control valve K3B2   
Control characteristic: P   
P-band, switchable   
Switchable output (modulating / open-close)   
Room temperature monitoring (frost)   
Internal function test, including nominal voltage test   
Commissioning mode with output and sequence simulation   
Tool connection (ZTH EU, PC-Tool) for MP (MFT) actuator diagnostics   
Surface mounting with flush-mounted or surface-mounted connection   
Additional documentation  
Comprehensive and regularly updated documentation with descriptions of specific applications is available for the CRK24-B1 controller.   

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