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Bus and System Integration

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ZTH Service-Tool

ZTH Firmware Upgrade (Update 15.05.2018)

Belimo MP-Bus

PC-Tool MFT-P (including MP Monitor) (Update 05.12.2019)

VRP-M-Tool (Update 16.03.2012)

USB Driver for ZIP-USB-MP

USB Driver for ZTH EU (New 20.01.2014)

LonWorks (application programs and LNS plug-in)

UK24LON (Update 24.09.2013)

LonWorks actuators (..ALON) (New 28.01.2013)

BKN230-24LON (Update 28.06.2012)

KNX (ETS product database)


KNX VAV (..-KNX) (Update 10.08.2016)

KNX Actuators (..-KNX) (Update 10.08.2016)


UK24BAC Firmware Upgrade (Update 24.09.2013)

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